X-Force Annual: Shattershot pt. 4, 1992
Greg Capullo & Al Milgrom
Not a whole lot to say on this, other than it's a nice team shot. Of course, this came out in '92, so that's not really even Dom. In truth, Marvel's made it pretty easy to distinguish--only Vanessa wore that black and white uniform (except in, if memory servers, a few 'Pack flashbacks, but that's self-explanatory.)

X-Force Annual: Shattershot pt. 4, 1992
Adam Kubert
Nice art, another nice team shot. Really about the only reason to pick *up* this annual, as this was before they realized contained stories were good. It's also an alternate universe, which kills the appeal even more, and the two bonus stories aren't any better.

X-Force Annual: Shattershot pt. 4, 1992
Tom Raney
I will be the first to admit that this art scares me. Everyone's spines have come unhinged and Tabitha's grown a spare rib cage. ...well, I guess Feral looks all right, but no one ever liked her anyway.

X-Force Annual 2, 1993
Chris Bachalo
This nice little piece was squirreled away at the back of the annual--don't bother getting the thing unless you really want a hard copy for some reason, though, Dom's not in the story.
Bachalo's probably best known for the work he did on Generation X, and if you've ever seen any of that, you're probably thinking what I (and a few others did)--that Dom looks rather a bit like Penance. Quite odd, but still a very nice rendering. Though, with all that spattering, I gotta wonder what she was shooting with that gun...
Also, I have a larger version of this available, for those interested in using it as wallpaper. I don't promise your friends and family won't be disturbed if you do, however.
Pin-ups by Jim Lee
The roommate found both this and the following scan for me. I think they're probably from '91, and from what she was saying, the art is cartoon-y because they had him streached thin doing a bunch of projects at the time, which I can totally believe, knowing Marvel.

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