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Marvel Materpieces, 1994
Greg and Tim Hildebrant
These next images are all a part of the Fleer Ultra card collections that Marvel put out in the early-mid '90s.
Oddly, I was an avid collector at the time, and yet ended up with none of Dom's cards (unless you count the ones from the early X-Force collection, which were all only panels by Liefeld reprinted on the cards. I sure as hell don't.) The little note here says this one in particular had to be redone five times. The final result isn't half bad. This image is just a scan of the back of the card.
Marvel Materpieces, 1993
That's about all I can tell you about this card, other than there's a signature that appears to read 'Jusko' on it. It may be painted, it's hard to tell, and unfortunately, the back on mine is sort of covered by magnets, and I didn't have the forethought to write any info down before I stuck 'em on there. By all appearances, the artist was working from the original Liefeld design for this card... and while it suffers because of it, it's still not bad.
Marvel Materpieces
I don't even have the year for this one... again, it's that issue of the magnets. What I do remember was a blurb on the back saying something to the effect of the fact that there'd been an attempt to keep her facial features 'soft' so she still looked feminine. And I had to wonder 'what, the breasts that could put out an eye aren't feminine?' Honestly. Well, other than that little issue, it's not too badly done.
X-Men: Series Two (Skybox), 1993
This one is marked only with CC on the front (none of these cards have attribution aside from whatever the artist signed it as.)
Back view of the previous card.
All of these cards are done on the premise that they're Xavier's files. If this is really supposed to be what he thinks of people, I'm scared. Amusingly, the write-up on Dom's amounts to "I don't know anything about her, but she's sort of scary."

Marvel Metal (Fleer), 1995
Pencils: Yancy Labat

Power scale:
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 2
Fighting Ability: 6
Stamina: 4
Agility: 6
Energy Blasts: 1 (I guess there's no zero...)

Back of the card. Text reads:
A Ruthless fighter skilled in many combat styles, Domino helped her former Six Pack teammate Cable form X-Force... or did she? Actually, Domino was the prisoner of Cable's old enemy Tolliver while the metamorph Copy Cat took her place. Now Domino must earn her own spot on the team--and with Cable--a task which shouldn't be a problem for her, given her mutant power to make things fall into place.

X-Force (Fleer Ultra), 1995
Artist: Peter Scanlan

Back of card. Text Reads:
"Domino is a consummate team player when the chips are down--where X-Force is concerned, that's always. In a recent skirmish with a re-vamped Nimrod, Domino successfully held her own, then worked in unison with the rest of X-Force to stop him. Things always fall into pace when Domino is around

X-Men (Fleer Ultra), 1995
Artist: Julie Bell

Back of card. Text reads:
She's tougher than nails and fast and agile in a fight, but what makes Domino a unique ally to Cable and X-Force is her mutant luck, which always makes things fall into place for this mercenary!

X-Men (Fleer), 1996
Pencils: Adam Kubert
CGI: Jung

Profile:Whether the mysterious and beautiful Domino is a mutant or not, one thing is clear: things have a way of falling into place for her. She has defied death side-by-side with Cable in the Wild Pack, the Six Pack, and X-Force. With her extensive combat skills and her aggressive fearless fighting style, it's easy to see how Domino could earn a place with X-Force and capture their leader's heart.

Back of card.

Comic Activity: As the world goes crazy with anti-mutant hysteria, Domino is finally putting the Vanessa incident behind her and admitting her feelings for Cable. But recent hints by Blaquesmith point to a much older and more mysterious relationship between the the two unbeknownst to even Domino. (What the what, I say?)

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