X-Force 72, 1997
Adam Pollina
Domino gone butch... and solo. Looks a little less broken in this cameo appearance, but there's a definite lack of her old humor in the book. I should probably note that I have a deep-seated hatred for this haircut, which with henceforth be known as the the haircut that WOULD NOT DIE. Obviously, no uniform to comment on. Nice shirt, though...
X-Force 95, 1999
Jim Cheung
See what I mean about the haircut that wouldn't die? Two years later, it's still butchered. Someone tell me why every other woman's hair in the X-Books grows back in two issues, and it takes another year after this to get Domino back to normal? Also note, new artist, who only knows how to draw one face. And one expression. Well, I guess it lends to the general air of 'not right-ness' Dom's personality has by this point in the book. Or maybe I'm trying to rationalize all-around suckiness. I still hate that hair. 
X-Force 107, 2000
Okay, a bit of a note on this one. First, I stole the image right off Marvel's bio. Ha. Second, it's the *cover* to 107, which is credited to Whilce Portacio and Gerry Alanguilan. So I don't know who's responsible for this atrocity. I'm thinking it's the later, though, since Portacio did the interiors to several books, and they were even more hideous. So ugly, I refused to scan them. Oddly enough, the truly eclectic outfit is pretty normal for Dom... I hate this haircut too, but at least the old one finally died.

X-Force 110, 2001
Jorge Lucas
New artist, still ugly. By this point, Marvel isn't bothering to keep any artists on any books for more than a few issues. Large amounts of crap abound. Also, they're now apparently trying to save money on ink by not using any color on Domino at all... seriously, in 111, even her shirt fades to a sickly greyish-pink. I'd scan a picture of the uniform they stuck her in, but it's just not worth the pain of going back through the issues. Think black body-suit with white prom-style gloves. Butt ugly. What a sad way to effectively end the series.


Cable 25, 1995
Ian Churchill
We're going to start off here, since the previous artists on Cable used some variation of the Tony Daniel-era X-Force uniform. This, however, is something new. This is the wonder that is Churchill art. Gonna gush now and get it over with. The man is amazing. I'm planing to kidnap him sometime in the near future. That said, some uniform commentary. Remember the mention of 'Dom wearing next-to-nothing'? This is where it comes into play. Ian seems to also have this fascination with making bits of Dom's uniform go missing. Yes, the whole right leg is gone. Yes, *all* of it.
Same issue, side view. See what I mean about that right leg? So much of it is gone, in fact, that the poor colorist felt obliged to paint a bit outside the lines in a few of the ...rear shots. No, I'm not kidding. Still gorgeous stuff, though.

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