X-Force 1, 1991
Rob Lifeld
Quite the unfortunate beginning. I know, it's quite ugly, and this is one of the best images there is. It's not even the real Dom, actually, it's Vanessa. *shudder* I'm sorry for inflicting it on all of you. Let's move on... (I feel dirty just having scanned this)
X-Force 15, 1992
Greg Capullo
That's better. Dom--the real Dom--wearing next-to-nothing. Pay attention, this is part of a trend. 
X-Force 30, 1994
Tony Daniel
Now we get to one of the better artists who worked on X-Force. Unfortunately, he seems enamored of the Lifeld-era headgear and shoulder pads. Oh, and make note of the nice little cut-outs all up and down the arms and legs. Didn't originate with Daniel, but he uses it for his entire run, and seems to pass on a theme for future artists: Straps and cut-outs are cool! I'm sure the fanboys thank him. 
X-Force 44, 1995
Adam Pollina
Now, there are differing opinions on Pollina's art. Some hate him, and some like him. I'm leaning on the 'like him' side of things, since I think he's good when he takes his time. This image is one of those, although I'll note that he slips into 'over elongation' mode later in his run. Well, you'll see. This issue also debuts matching costumes for the team--well, for the kids, anyway. Dom gets a nice, long needed change, and though you can't see it here, I'll note that the entire back of this one is non-existent, except for two criss-crossing straps. Practicality? Never seems to have bothered her before...
X-Force 63, 1997
Kevin Lau (guest penciler)
This... is another image I'm going to have to apologize for. It's scary, I know, and I'm sorry. Marvel worked extra hard to conceal this travesty--the cover is by Pollina, so the casual fan is lured in by the promise of Domino kicking some serious butt, and then, WHAM. They're launched into the land of Sailor Moon. It's horrible, it's wrong, it's great to scare the living crap out of your friends with. 
X-Force 70, 1997
Adam Pollina
There's not a whole lot to say about this image but 'Ouch.' The art is getting iffy by this point in the run, but it works well, for this issue, at any rate. Beginning of the end for the smart-assed Domino that everyone was used to seeing.

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