Cable 38, 1996
Ian Churchill
As if the last uniform wasn't enough, Ian apparently felt the need to top himself. Perhaps he saw the old oval cut-outs and though, 'I can do that--one better!' and promptly removed most of the front of Domino's uniform. Not that, I'm sure, Cable would protest. Also making an appearance is a strange stick-on tattoo thing on the right side of her face, though it's not really visible here. Why? Who the hell knows. It only shows up in this issue and Cable 39. It's interesting to note that the back side of this uniform is completely solid.
Cable 40, 1997
Scott Clark
I only scanned this because I think it's a lovely piece of work. Reminiscent of Tony Daniel in that Domino ends up looking like a teenager, but still nicely drawn. Note that Mr. Clark has managed to find most of her uniform, except the large cleavage-exposing oval. It's a bit more practical, at least. Take a good, long look. The next panel hurts.
Cable 55, 1998
Told you. Again, sorry for inflicting this. As you can see, we're now post Operation: Zero Tolerance, back to the deplorable haircut, and suffering through really, really bad art. Like Cheung over in X-Force, Ladronn only knows one face. Unfortunately, it's a really ugly one. Trust me, this was the best panel there was. 
To make up for it, here's a gratuitous Churchill cleavage shot. Cable 39. See what I mean about the stick-on face art?
Cable 82, 2000
Michael Ryan
This is from the last page of the issue (big cliff hanger, y'see) and what's interesting to note about this, is that while here, and on the cover of Cable 83, Dom's uniform is the pretty standard Purple and blue-black, it's white and black in 83 itself. Again, it appears Marvel is trying to save on colored ink, though for the life of me, I don't know why. Oh, and the manic grin she's sporting can be attributed to demonic possession. No, that wasn't a joke. And look, long hair!
Cable & Deadpool 8, 2004
Patrick Zircher
After the trials and tribulations of cancellations and name changes, Nate and Wade make it back on the scene in a combined book. And because it's written by Fabian Nicieza, it was just a matter of time before Dom put in an appearance. And here she is, looking the best she has since, well, the limited, I suppose. Isn't it lovely?

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