One-Shots, Limiteds, and Guest Appearances

Domino LS 2, 1997
David Perrin
Flashback time, boys and girls. NSA-era Domino, getting ready to bust a few heads... a pity it's only her future husband causing the fuss. What can I say about this... two things. I hate the uniform. I hate the hair. And I think that's about it.
Domino LS 3, 1997
David Perrin
Classic Domino here, stuff's on fire, she's got a gun longer than her forearm, and strangely enough, she's barefoot. Apparently, Pierce stole her shoes. Go figure. Now, you may ask why I don't have an image from the *first* issue of the LS scanned, and the answer is simple. I didn't think a full page scan of Dom in nothing but a tiny green bikini and thigh-high boots, no matter how well drawn, was appropriate for a 'family friendly' page. That's right folks, I'm all about wholesome entertainment.
X-Man 1, 1995
Steve Skroce
Age of Apocalypse Domino. Works for old blue lips himself. Oh, the irony. Rather like the outfit, big change from the very subdued tones of the regular uni.
New X-Men Annual 2001
Leinil Yu
This was nice, well drawn for the most part... but damnit, again with the no color! What the heck is up with that? At least they gave her red lipstick later in the issue. This is the most recent Domino appearance (at least as of September, 2001) although I have seen the first two covers for the new Domino Limited due out in November whenever Marvel gets up off their asses about it. And damnit, they brought back the haircut from hell! 
Weapon X 7, 2003
Georges Jeanty
First issue of the six-part arc. The art was rather amazingly inconsistent in this issue, and this is the best shot of Dom we get. Disturbingly, she ends up looking younger than Meltdown through the whole issue.
Weapon X #8, Cover
Weapon X 8 (cover), 2003
Georges Jeanty
Issue two of a six-part storyline in Weapon X, guest staring Domino, along with Cable and the possible remnants of X-Force. This issue is out in April, the arc starts in the March issue. I'm sure I'll have more images as issues come out. For ongoing news, check out the updates. A full, larger version of this can be downloaded. The image comes courtesy of Marvel's website.
Weapon X #8
Weapon X 8, 2003
Georges Jeanty
An interior image from Weapon X 8. I thought I really ought to have an image of Jeanty's where you could see the 'new' costume (which was actually taken from the design created for the second Limited Series, but made it's debute here because of that agonizing delay) without the cheesecake pose Marvel has started demanding on covers with female characters. Do me a favor and go yell at them for that...
2nd Domino LS 1, 2003
Brian Stelfreeze
Interior shot. This book also has painted covers, which can be found over in the 'Extras' section under 'Second Limited Series.' It's worth noting, Stelfreeze did *all* the artistic chores on the book, as well as get the thing rolling in the first place. This thing was his baby, and it shows. This scan, is, unfortunately, as clean as I could get it. It also doesn't do the colours any justice.
2nd Domino LS 2, 2003
Brian Stelfreeze
Another interior shot, this time an action panel. A lot of the panels in the book are done horizontally like this, and it gives a great sense of motion to the art. Plus, you can see the costume as Stelfreeze created it. Again, I apologize for the quality. Even my tweeked configuration wasn't *quite* good enough to do this justice.
X-Men: The End Vol. 1 #4, 2004
Sean Chen
This is a book that has too many titles, too many plot points, but decent art, anyway. She doesn't look too bad for having been pulled from a flaming plane wreck, does she?

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