I thought about organizing these by more than just title and issue number but... ehh. It'd prolly be more trouble than it's worth.


"Grizzly, you are such a beer-soaked, useless bag of meat. Cover me while I reload." --X-Force 23

"You said I could kill her! (Copycat)!"

[Grizzly] "Down, Domino--down--good girl."

"Let go of me Grizzly--or so help me--" --X-Force 24

(On co-leading X-Force) "Y’know, I should have my head examined for this..." --X-Force 30

"Wonderful! I’m sitting here waiting to become a fried albino--and the two of you are arguing over whose decision it was to incinerate me!" --X-Force 36

"Thanks , Nate... That bought me about an extra three seconds of life! How ever will I use them all wisely?" --X-Force 36

(On renaming Murderworld) [Tabitha] "I suggest Boomerville."

"I think my ex-husband was born there. He came from a long line of inbreed cousins." --X-Force 40

[Sam] "And what a romantic view of Ryker’s Island Penitentiary we’ll get on take off an’ landin.’"

"Well, the way this outfit operates, we’ll end up living there eventually, so familiarizing ourselves with the place wouldn’t hurt!" --X-Force 40

"Okay, forgetting the funky life-sized pinball we can play--" --X-Force 40

[Caliban] "Caliban liked waiting with Patch Eye. Does Cable-Nathan want us to wait some more?"

"No! There’s just so many games of Chutes and Ladders I’m willing to play..." --X-Force 44

"Um, Nathan, tell me you’re working on a plan here."

[Cable] "Trust me."

"I hate it when you say that." --X-Force 50

(To the Blob) "Looks, Charm, and self-confidence. I can’t imagine why you don’t have a date tonight." --X-Force 52

[Arcade] "Don’t tell me you’re tired?"

"Nah. Not me. In fact, after I mop up the next muscle-bound goon you send after me, I’m gonna go dancing." --X-Force 58

"I've got an electric taste in my mouth like I just french kissed a nine volt battery." --X-Force 82

"You know there’s a fine line between interrogation and torture. Don’t make me cross it. --X-Force 86

"Tabby hacked a database? Our Tabby, the one with the memory span of a goldfish? No offence." --X-Force 107

(making light of the ‘Junior’ situation) "So, what do you think? Beats having a tattoo, huh? Problem is, you’ve gotta die to get one!" --X-Force 108

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