"When I agreed to a night in New York--I didnít mean in the sewers." --Cable 15

"Gee, back in the sewers again. How does a girl get so lucky?"--Cable 17

"Speak up, lady. I canít hear you over the sound of my fist going through your face." --Cable 17

[Storm] "Domino, I do not think I have met anyone who has so much to say --about everything."

"Hey! I resemble that remark!" --Cable 19

[Caliban] "How did Caliban do, Patch Eye?"

"If we make it out of here, Caliban--Iíll give you a cookie." --Cable 19

"Look, Nate, donít take this the wrong way--but if you ever try a stunt like that again--Iíll kill you." --Cable 20

[Cable] "Look, Iím not above pointing out that it was your idea--that we take up residence in a place called ĎMurderworldí--where the previous tenant was a homicidal psychopath."

"Hey, I didnít hear you complaining when I told you we didnít have to pay any rent." --Cable 21

"Ulp. I think I left my stomach in the year 2010." --Cable 26

"Miserable weather, unbearable heat, burnt out buildings. And me without my beach towel." --Cable 26

[Gunshot] "Why would a sweetcake like you get into something like this?"

"Everyone needs a hobby." --Cable 27

[Cable] "Look, this isnít a debate--"

"Then donít turn it into one. Nathan, I know what youíre doing. You want to save me, because you couldnít save Jenskot. But it isnít going down like that. Iíll see this through, right beside you." --Cable 28

[Copycat] "Being a morph for so long, I think I lost sight of who I really was."

"You poor thing. Shouldíve blown your brains out." --Cable 37

"Well, what do you want to do now?"

[Cable] "Do? What we always do. What we were meant to do? Continue the good fight and strive for a better tomorrow."

"Oh. Could we get something to eat first?" --Cable 39

Domino Limited Series

(To Lady Deathstrike) "Big talk from a woman who looks like death warmed over, Lady! I guess a good hard whack with the ugly stick'll do that to a person, huh? But didja really haveta go back for seconds?" --issue 2

(To Deathstrike again) "Now, you did say you're 'indestructable,' right? 'Cuz I'd sure hate to find out that you weren't when those explosives go 'Kablooey!' I mean, there would be techno-guts everywhere! I'm talkin' major gross-out factor--" --issue 2

(To Donald Pierce) "And then what? Does he become yet another 'techno-slinky' like the rest of you cyberdweeds?" --issue 3

'Omigod...omigod..omigod! Easy, D-- it's only a highly corrosive acid bath. Besides being flayed alive-- what's the worst that could happen?' --issue 3

(To Deathstrike and Skullbuster) "If I were you two, I'd worry less about what Pierce is gonna do to you--and start worryin' more about what I am! Enjoy your 'bath,' kiddies--and don't forget to wash behind your ears! Assuming you'll still have any..." --issue 3

(To Pierce) "I tell ya, it's the darndest thing--but wouldn't ya know it--that cybersuit you had waiting for me just wasn't my size!" -- issue 3

(Still to Pierce) "Now, just to get ya up to speed... not only did I just leave 'Moe' and 'Larry' drownin' in that toxic kiddie pool of yours downstairs... but from the end of the gun barrel I'm standing on-- it's 'curtain time; for you and your stooges, 'Curly!'" --issue 3

New X-Men Annual, '01

"Allow me to offer an opinion. Scott Summers has a king-sized bug all the way up to his duodenum."

(On her funky, high-tech contact) "Wohh... Laser function: Three blinks. I nearly shot my own left nipple off, but sanity and a steady eye won in the end."

[Wolverine] "Get the keys out of the safe. I'll cover you."

"It's done, Logan. It's all done. The safe combination was exactly the same as my ex-boyfriend's telephone number."

Second Domino Limited Series

"Think Positive, Doc. When the Miami morgue calls, you can tell them you found their missing cadaver." --issue 3

"Okay, now things are making a little bit more sense. The alter boys have crashed the party." --issue 4

"Who the hell are you fashionably challenged choir-boys?"

"You used me, you tried to kill me, you knew I was looking for you, and you did nothing. I hope insanity isn't hereditary." --issue 4