Life Lessons

Myriad layers of complexity can really be boiled down to the bare bones by taking into account Domino's three basic rules of survival, laid out in Cable 24. While not perfect--and in some cases utterly dysfunctional, they're a lot less headache inducing than Askani philosophy, that's for sure.

When you think your side is losing--kick over the game board--and start again with new rules. This one takes on a rather literal translation when you take into account her tendency to take off running when things go bad.

When in doubt, CHEAT. Really, it doesn't get simpler than that...

NEVER get emotionally involved with ANYONE. EVER. As a blanket statement, that is up there at the top competing with 'sorry has no meaning' as the most idiotic viewpoint of all time. Then again, given her habit of getting those around her killed, it's not exactly surprising. It's also worth noting that this final rule is amended--In her heart, she knows the third rule is the one she always breaks.

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