This next little piece is something I thought I'd include on here because, well, how better to get to know a character than to see what others have to say? And if you know Cable at all... well, it's an added bonus.
     This is from issue six of X-Force, and probably the only thing worth reading in the whole issue. I'd overlooked it myself--but a friend was kind enough to point it out, and then we proceed to giggle like demented anime schoolgirls for a minute or two. It was probably a very scary sight. So, things to keep in mind here. A) This was still Vanessa era. Ug. Though it doesn't really invalidate anything it says, and B) it's from X-Force six, so it contradicts with the future history a little bit (boy, that'll give you a headache). Still, it's cute. And it's my page, so I can put whatever the hell I want on it.

Cable's Guide: Domino
     There was a young woman I met several years ago [you are getting old, Nathan] and in her, I saw a spirit of life. A mischievous, sarcastic, caustic, irreverent disregard for the self-importance we all place on our goals and our very lives. She called herself Domino. No first name, no last name. We asked her why [we, being myself and G.W.] and she said, and I remember it today as if the words were still hanging in the air, she said--"Because things have a way of falling into place for me."

     And so they did. And so did she. She found a place in the merc group we were running called the Wild Pack. She out-drank us, she out-fought us, and eventually, she she out-grew us, moving "onwards and upwards" I recall is how she phrased it.

     I lost touch with her for awhile. Stupid move on my part, really, since she'd always been the only thing on this mudball place that ever brought something resembling a smile to my face since I've been here.

     I guess, in retrospect, I avoided her on purpose. I couldn't take her to the places I had to go. She wouldn't have fit in. But when I found myself in a situation where I really did need her--when I took control of the tutelage of the New Mutants and began to forge them into a fighting unit--she came.
     She is my right hand and my conscience. She is the angel over my right shoulder admonishing my every decision, the devil over my left encouraging my every whim. I kind of like that about her.

     It's been over fifteen years since I first met her [give or take a few decades here and there, you know?] and she is still the only person I know who can play me like Miles Davis played a trumpet.

     She can still out-drink, out-curse, and out-fight anyone. Luckiest woman I know. Things still fall into place for her. I just hope she doesn't outgrow me again.

     Funny, too, after all this time...I still don't even know what her name is.

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